DJ Grandmaster Flash - Nostalgia Never! It's the Real Thing Friday

Friday, Apr. 17, 9 p.m.
We can debate how great the 1970s & '80s were or you can see firsthand one of the reasons that this era is still relevant as The Pyramid Scheme welcomes DJ Grandmaster Flash back to Grand Rapids.
Known throughout the world as the forefathers of hip hop, Grandmaster Flash, along with the Furious Five, helped set in motion a musical style that is still very much a part of our culture today.
And while it is true he will venture into new territory, as witnessed on his last tour through Grand Rapids, it is the eclectic "you-don't-know-what-to-expect" style that keeps me coming back for more. His mix of funk, jazz, disco, R&B and even pop rock tracks will keep you dancing and create something not often seen these days: an entire club smiling (and not because they're posing for a selfie).
This will sell out so get your ticket early and join your friends on the dance floor. Opening for DJ Grandmaster Flash is Detroit Techno Militia's DJ PSYCHO with special guest DJ J-Beez.
Be sure to come back on Sunday to the Scheme for the 2nd Indoor Artists Market.
Admission: $25.
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