Egyptian Lover: From mixtapes to center stage, a legend of electro and hip hop arrives in GR

Friday, May 25, 9:30 p.m.
Like many teens of his era, Egyptian Lover (aka Greg Broussard) started his early days in electro and hip hop by creating mixtapes. His love for remixing spanned across many techniques from his early days of live rhythming over radio broadcasts that he would turn into recordings to his triumphant hit singles “Egypt Egypt” (1984) and “Freak-A-Holic" (1986).

"Growing up in the 'hood, the first thing you want to do is to get out of there. In my mind, I took myself out of there, just took myself to any place I could find, which was probably Egypt at the time," he says. Egyptian Lover used the name long before he started DJing. "All my friends were gangsters, and they had their names on the backs of their jackets. You had Mr. Guns and you knew that he was the guy with the guns. I had Egyptian Lover on the back of mine. I ain't no gangster, but the women liked Egyptian Lover, so I stuck with the name.” (from "7 Things You Should Know About Egyptian Lover.")

Once Egyptian Lover joined famed Los Angeles Uncle Jamm’s Army, an American hip-hop crew, his years of touring with this icon act would go on to solidify his reputation as one of the greats from this era of music.

On Friday Egyptian Lover, one of dance music’s most innovative performers/producers from that (now) classic, old-school/electro era, will roll in to The Pyramid Scheme for Grand Rapids Soul Club (GRSC). This show is sure to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend with a real bang.

“Egyptian Lover is a pioneer in Electro from his early days with Uncle Jamm’s Army to present day he keeps the freaks moving,” says Mike Saunders of GRSC, “We are fortunate to see him perform [locally].”

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