Fixing The Future: Hope and Renewal for Our Cities

Locally, we spend a lot of time talking about what the future looks like for those around us and typically, that radius is within a few minutes' drive from our front steps. But public radio’s Marketplace and PBS’ NOW commentator, David Branscaccio invites cities all over the country to come together for a special night of programming that is sure to not only inspire, but also change the way we look at our future.

Sponsored locally by the Oakdale Neighbors and Local First and in partnership with Fixing The Future, this brand new film will screen all across America in the hopes of starting a new revolution for our communities around a topic on the lips of many as cities attempt to rebuild their local economies.

The film, a grand experiment in social interaction, has built into the screening feedback opportunities where questions can be submitted to the panelist around the many topics they will cover including local business alliances, community banking, time banking/hour exchange, worker cooperatives and local currencies.

The panel includes Bill McKibben, Majora Carter, Mike Brady and David Brancaccio. Immediately after the conclusion, Local First members and Oakdale Neighbors will make themselves available to help those seeking to connect with others beginning to take those important first action steps.

"We're excited about this film because it is another voice joining the growing chorus that shouts, ‘there is another way!’" says Local First Communications Coordinator Seth Galligan. “Our message at Local First is in line with the message of Fixing the Future in that we believe creating a relationship economy is the answer to the problems that have plagued our country and the world. By focusing on relationships rather than global bottom lines, we can begin to heal and thrive."

Honestly, I cannot say enough nice things about this type of event and hope if your evening is clear that anyone who is interested in local living economies will make the short trip to Celebration! Cinema North to see this exciting new project aimed at fixing, rather than faulting, the future.  

In an era of endless bad news, it is nice to buck this trend and find something to get excited about and Fixing the Future is just the (movie) ticket!

Admission: $10, but discounts available for students and seniors.
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