Goat Yoga: Downward dog, open sky, and baby goats

Thursday, July 18, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Dorr to Eden, 4050 24th Street, Dorr
If you have lived long enough in Grand Rapids, then you know that locally we have seen every new yoga trend (LaughFest’s laughter yoga, hot yoga, wakeboard yoga, and high yoga) enter our market ever since Carolynn Heines of Eastown dared to open one of the very first yoga studios 40 years ago in our city. (Some folks back in the day used to think of it as a cult.) 

Joining the long line of local yoga experiences comes Goat Yoga held at Dorr To Eden, a naturopathy and animal-enhanced growth and learning center in the city of Dorr.  

Your instructors for this unique (and sure to be laughter-infused) event are Amber Kilpatrick and Angela Mulders McElroy who will present a class that is part yoga, part animal-assisted therapy.

The yoga instruction will take place outside at Dorr to Eden with guests being led through their movements as the resident baby goats join the class. After class, attendees will be able to continue their therapy with hands-on time with the “kids.” 

Organizers remind folks that while the goats move about freely during the session, they may also “soil” your mat. But given the chill environment, we are sure it will produce a laugh or three whether it happens to you or another. 

Register here in advance to hold your spot. Cash is due upon arrival. Only humans ages 6 and up admitted to the class. 
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