Google your Ancestor: Connecting you to us.

This might seem like a very strange event to feature in G-Sync but quite often within the pages of this section, we devote focus not just to what is happening but how it fits into the greater context of what has come before. The Grand Rapids Public Library features many interesting opportunities to help us better understand our relationship to our own history in the city with a local history department -- but our own history is often much harder to reveal. 
If you seek a more thrilling connective experience to your past and have contemplated what your ancestry might look like, then this is your event.
On Wednesday evening our downtown library will feature Googling Your Ancestor, which is an opportunity for the library to share many of the new tools that Google has created to help us research our family history.
Over the years Google's system has vastly shifted, making new tips and tricks possible to help you connect to your past. These types of events not only help us connect to our past history but potentially reveal many personal aspects of who made us, genetically speaking, what we are today.

Admission:  Free

Note: The GRPL hosts a series of free classes so be sure to check out their entire list of offerings here.
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