Opening Day 2019: John Ball Zoo wakes up the beasts of the Westside

Saturday, Mar. 9, 10 a.m.
Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my!

After a long winter’s sleep, the animals of John Ball Zoo are ready to receive visitors as they take their first steps into the advancing oh-so-slowly warmer season is nigh. 

So if you have run out of options with your kids who are undoubtedly climbing the walls for new adventures beyond museums and movie screens, then the opening of the 2019 season of our local and much beloved John Ball Zoo is just for you.

But our zookeepers remind us that not all animals are acclimated to our weather, so some animals might decide to stay inside a bit longer than others (Can’t blame ‘em.) But rest assured, they will be out and those who are not will be as soon as the temps rise with time.

But for the animal-faithful fans of our region, the opening of the John Ball Zoo’s new season is always a welcome sign that the worst of the winter is finally behind us. Brave souls should dress warmly as we welcome our city’s animals as they venture out for the first time this year.
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