She Wolf! feat. Lana Death Ray: ArtPrize is Over, Get to Work

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School of Grand Rapids, which celebrated its five-year anniversary this summer, is showing no signs of slowing down or becoming irrelevant. This weekend, headmistress Vivacious Miss Audacious with her faithful (and quite loud) sidekick Sarah Jean Anderson present their October art monkey session: She Wolf with a sci-fi otherworldly spin.
This month's model is Lana Death Ray, a raven-haired knockout who spends her free time in the company of wolves. No, seriously, she works with wild wolves at animal sanctuaries.
While this will be Lana Death Ray's first time as a model for Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, she is no stranger to modeling, having worked with many photographers, including being featured recently in Nylon Magazine: "I sling coffee and serve cheap breakfast for the early birds by day to make a livin'. In my free time, I enjoy cleaning up exotic animal feces, tossing bloody animal parts to wolves, handling falcons, and playing tug-o-war with foxes at Blandford Nature Center and Howling Timbers."
So with ArtPrize leaving town, it is time to get back to work at creating that new masterpiece that could land you the $200,000 prize.
Don't forget to BYOArt Supplies!
Admission: $10 and is a 17+ or older event 
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