Listen to Art: Families put your iPhones down

In the heart of downtown Grand Rapids is one of the country's best venues for live music. Problem is that many folks in our region still do not know about St. Cecilia Music Center's many layers of programming devoted to the same mission they began in 1883: "to promote the appreciation, study and performance of music in order to enrich the human spirit and enhance the quality of life for the residents of West Michigan." 
Whether is be welcoming award-winning and soon-to-be legendary jazz acts, showcasing rising stars of contemporary music that defy categories, or creating an outstanding and unprecedented three-year partnership with the New York's Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, SCMC is adhering beautifully to this mission even as other organizations seek to find ways to remain relevant.
SCMC's Saturday program is a bit different than their concert series but no less important as families of all shapes, sizes and abilities are invited to attend the Listen to Art program. Billed as a family concert, the St. Cecilia Grand Band will be performing all original music by Chris Hansen while artist Debbie Bell paints to the music.
Lest you think this is just a time for you to teach your kids the meaning of "watching paint dry," think again as Bell will be directing attendees from the stage, with instructions on ways to work with the journal and color pencils that will be provided upon admission.
Admission: $10
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