Live Coverage: FourTween years of creating fun

Full Disclosure: While I have a work of art on display (and for sale) at UICA's Live Coverage, I don't want to fail to mention that this group of local artists has included hundreds of artists over the years, who have come and gone, like me, at this much-beloved and festive event.
Without this event, UICA, as well as our city, would have looked much different since I firmly believe this group of artists and art-lovers has enabled many artists' lives to be much different as a result of the new relationships built over time. Now 14 years old, Live Coverage is a truly wonderful fundraising event that supports, spotlights, and impacts programming at UICA.
What began quite humbly as an ask of the Art Institute of Chicago's Bare Walls organizers has blossomed since Grand Rapids' own Carol Sarosik and Shelley Padnos gained its blessing as we have molded the event into something of our own. 
How it works: After the doors open at 7 pm, guests stroll about the galleries, which are packed with dozens of regional artists working live throughout the night on a work of art that will be auctioned off.
A new feature this year: after guests check in, they will be given instructions as to how they can bid on their mobile phones. This is a huge leap for an event that typically has folks fighting over pencils to place the winning bids right before the bidding closes. And just as it is with every Live Coverage event, the signature moment is when the works of art go up on the auction block as a part of the live auction, which takes place from 9 pm – 10 pm.
Artists working on-site who will support Live Coverage 2015 include: Danny Elievich, Garrett Brooks, Rick Beerhorst, Jeff Krauss, Kelly Allen, Monica Lloyd, Missy Marrow, Jamie Miller, Jeff Condon, Lisa Walcott, Michele Bosak, and more.
But do not delay purchasing a ticket for this event as last year's Live Coverage sold out!
Admission: $50 for UICA members and $65 for non-members
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