Maiden Michigan (Anti-Pageant Extravaganza): Hundo and the heavy metal throw down

This city has plenty to offer when it comes to live music, but for those seeking events that defy definition, well, they are quite rare.

Lucky for those seeking uniqueness in entertainment comes the Maiden Michigan album release party with Hundo as your host of this night of heavy metal music.

And lest you think the fun stops with the metal, then get ready because this night is also the debut of the Anti-Pageant Extravaganza at Creston Brewery. 

This anti-pageant will award points based on actions, answers, and, of course, killer attitude awarded over two rounds. 

In addition to the judges’ point system, which will select the two finalists, the third finalist will be determined using the crowd’s responses in a vote-by-volume process. The final round will be a question round, with the three finalists each vying to take home the sash and the crown, along with a grand prize package.

After the performances and anti-pageant, stick around for an acoustic rock showcase from Alexis Brooke (Red Rio), Patty Pierzchala (Talk Radio), and Erin Lenau (Hollywood Makeout).

Arrive early to meet some local women-owned businesses who will have merchandise for sale at this special night of new music, talented contestants, and a gender blender where all definitions of femininity are welcome. 
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