Metro Grand Rapids: Debut of the new...that has a great beat to dance to

Open Daily (see website for details)
Metro Grand Rapids, 1901 Division S
Joining a long line of local music venues in our city from Eastown’s Billy’s to downtown’s Pyramid Scheme is newcomer Metro Grand Rapids, which, after a series of soft openings, is celebrating its first full week of operations in Burton Heights. 

Over the last few years, a local DJ/promoter from our city’s dance music subculture has been quietly building a bridge to a full-service neighborhood-centered venue, where this very diverse and cultural-crossing musical art form could take root and emerge within our region. 

According to their website: “We’re bridging a gap in our local music scene,” says Metro Grand Rapids owner and musician, Joshua Tree. “West Michigan has an abundance of creative talent, yet musicians often struggle to find affordable, accommodating venues to share their work. Our goal at Metro is to provide opportunities for our local talent and become a springboard for success for budding artists.”

With his love of electronic dance music, Tree has given a home to what was mostly celebrated in after-hours venues far off the beaten path for years within our community. With the opening of Metro Grand Rapids, we finally have a club that is rooted in this music style. (Disclosure: Publisher Tommy Allen advocated at the City of Grand Rapids Planning Commission on behalf of this new venue based on his years of experience with this genre and other subcultures of our city.)

And rather than setting their lens solely on that genre, Tree, along with Brandon Copeland — Metro’s music curator as well as a professional, touring musician, seeks to connect the many and diverse layers of our community that intersect within this region of the city daily. 

This has translated into a line of programming spanning from electronic to open mic Tuesdays, to tropical music on Sundays. They even host an industry night every Monday, which included this week a fresh house music DJ program.

This new neighborhood bar is located at 1901 Division Ave S. and features a full bar with 20 beers on tap, a kitchen with delicious offerings, and a relaxation-focused outdoor patio so you can enjoy the warmth while we have it. The venue’s interior is bursting with vibrancy, too, as a massive colorful mural and art installations by Caribbean artist Picardo greet those who venture into this new neighborhood space.

“For many years, leaders in the West Michigan music scene have shared a vision of creating a venue that utilizes music and art to bring our diverse community together,” says Copeland on Metro’s website. 

So check out the evolutionary, community-focused entertainment options Metro Grand Rapids is seeking to usher in for our city and beyond.

From underground to main street … welcome, Metro Grand Rapids. We’re happy you’re here!
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