Oktoberfest West Michigan: Roll Out The Barrel

Friday & Saturday, Sept. 26 & 27, see website for start times
Does the thought of milling about in a crowd of folks obviously having a good time and bumping into one another with dazed looks on their faces bother you?
No, I am not talking about the herds of folks crowding the streets of downtown Grand Rapids for ArtPrize, but those German and German-for-a-day individuals who will travel to the deep West side to participate in the annual Oktoberfest held at John Ball Park.
This is an event where folks who like to live life to its fullest while supporting a good cause, Kids' Food Basket, could literally bump into one another after a game of barrel rolling.
On the surface, this event might feel like just every other beer-themed event, but I daresay with one look at the line-up of acts and activities happening over two days, you'll realize, "Toto, you are not in Kansas anymore." German-themed activities surrounding this event devoted to beer will include fun, off-the-chart, German-themed programming like listening to the Edelweiss Choir, keg tossing, and, for the truly sports-conscious fan, a soccer tournament. 
There is even a (wait for it) "Children's Mug Holding Contest" that is sure to land a few folks in the school's child protective services' office on Monday morning if any of these images should end up as their Facebook profile picture.
But the truth is, it's fascinating to watch this celebration of German culture surrounded by the craft of beer with centuries of families participating. Above all, it's meant to inspire you to have fun while being well behaved. Please have a responsibly good time.
So if your thing isn't peering in your phone voting for art, then thankfully you can enjoy a tasty Wienerschnitzel Brötchen with your Schoefelhofer while the kids create the best selfie with a German heritage mug at our annual Oktoberfest presented by the Edelweiss Club of Grand Rapids.
It is nothing short of good beer and tasty food, enjoyed in the company of great friends.
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