WiseMaker Arts in Sustainability Parade: Shock of the Cool

Saturday, Sept. 5, noon and 4 p.m. (two start opportunities)
Blending the traits of creative invention, design thinking, environmental awareness, and community engagement is a brand-new event from the innovative mind of the artist Kelly Allen, who has long entertained and thrilled art enthusiasts with her art contributions and community support.
Allen, the creator of the local WiseMaker Creative Reuse Store and Studio, won a grant to present the WiseMaker Arts in Sustainability Parade. It debuts with more than 70 participants, led by a group of 12 artists who have been working as teams to create floats, costumes, giant puppets, and kinetic sculptures to be placed on display during one of the two parades being held on Saturday.  
All the entries are made from a minimum of 90 percent reclaimed, repurposed, or borrowed materials, which is in line with Allen's mission for her WiseMaker shop hosted at the West side's Geek Group. "The concept is one I created about a year ago to celebrate the mission to promote creativity and environmental awareness through the creative reuse of unwanted materials," she says.
Allen, a lifelong artist and lover of nature, says it has been her goal to reduce the waste created within the art field and through her example inspire other artists, teachers, kids, and parents to be creative with the materials that people often overlook or throw away.
The route begins on the west side of the Blue Bridge, crosses over to Monroe St., travels north on Monroe to Pearl St., crosses back over the river on Pearl, and heads south on Front St. back to the home base at the sculpture next to the blue bridge.  Paraders will be marching on the sidewalk.
Admission: Free
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