Part Time Warriorz: Now with The Extra Texture

One of the happiest bands in the city takes to the stage on the West side and you may never attend another band's event the same way.
What has been lost in so much of our pursuit to be "fill-in-the-blanks" as a city is often our sense of humor. This is the void we have created and where, lucky for us, a Bermuda Triangle-like event happens when musicians, including members Michael Cunningham, Jolene Rumsey, Claire Fisher and a revolving door of others, hit the stage to create one of the best nights of music this side of the Grand River.
I wish I could hum you a song or post a video that would break down your hesitation, but this group is so off-the-charts that I wonder if recording is even possible at this point. 
Until then, you have to take my word for it that this much talent on stage is worth every penny of the 300 you have to give away to get in the door on Saturday night.  Arrive early and have a meal to ensure you can get a seat up close to the stage.

Opening for the band is The Extra Texture.
General admission: $3.
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