Prohibition Music Series: November is chilly, but local singer-songwriters are hot

Debuting Thursday, Nov. 7, 6:30 p.m.
Creston Brewery, 1504 Plainfield NE
Earlier this year, Creston Brewery added an upright piano to their tasting room/restaurant and I was immediately captivated for two main reasons:

First, I was intrigued that probably unbeknownst to those just popping in for the first time to this north-end neighborhood brewpub (where, thank God, there are no TV screens found within), just across the street from the brewery is the site of a former piano repair shop that specialized in servicing the upright style for many years in the Creston neighborhood before shuttering their doors a couple years ago. 

Secondly, I have over my life enjoyed many a local house party where a sole performer once seated at a piano provides an impromptu and intimate concert experience for the folks attending. 

The sound of a sole piano rising up above the chatter of the room is an absolutely lovely moment to experience live as its organic quality provides a welcoming and warm audible distinction in a world full of streaming (and their often inferior digital mixes of popular) music. 

After introducing the upright piano to the brewpub, Creston Brewery, already known for its community-focused programming, created the Prohibition Music Series, where every Thursday some of the area’s best musicians perform unique solo sets or welcome special guest artists to join them for the night. 

The goal of these weekly concerts is not only to highlight the talent of our region in a unique manner, but also to usher in a musical art experience where the intimacy of the artist is spotlighted through this special, stripped down, and raw concert experience.

For the month of November, Creston Brewery will be welcoming according to their site the following guest artists: 

November 7th: Jamie Brackman and Amy Love
Jamie Brackman and Amy Love are two singer-songwriters based in Grand Rapids. This duo’s writing style is bold, lyrical and full of depth and emotion. They have roots in Folk, Rock, Americana and the Blues. Their music creates a unique and transcendent atmosphere of reflection and healing with raw and soulful voices, delicate acoustic instrumentation, and cutting lyrics. Their songs touch on prescient social issues, the relativity of space-time, and the search for love and meaning in the face of tragedy and self-doubt. The duo is also a part of Grand Rapids Rock group The Stoney Mountain Men.

November 14th: Conrad Shock (Solo)
Known for his rock group Conrad Shock + The Noise, John Shock has made a name for himself in the West Michigan music scene with his brand of blues-driven garage rock. He has also recently collaborated with Brandino and Patty PerShayla in a trio called The Ooze and Ozz.

November 21st: The Graft-Forester Duo
Zachary Graft (Violin) has been performing around Michigan for quite some time. He holds a degree in violin performance from Grand Valley State University and performs as a freelance fiddler, wedding violinist, and occasionally with bands. His Celtic and Irish fiddling has seen him be nominated for a “Shammy” Award for favorite performer. 

With this duo, he is joined by Carsten Forester (Guitar), an instructor with both The Dance Asylum and The Academy of Music in Grand Rapids. Together they perform a variety of Celtic tunes with the occasional jazz standard. 

November 28th: No concert performance. Happy Thanksgiving!

The event is free to attend but is based on the honor cover system where guests are encouraged to show their appreciation either through the tip jar or approved credit card charges. Artists make 100 percent of all donations so please be generous. 
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