Realm of Flight: Crowd favorite migrates back to Grand Rapids zoo

Opening Saturday, May 26 (through Sept. 3, 2018)
Migrating back to the city this summer is the return of the exciting crowd-favorite exhibition, The Realm of Flight. This live bird show returns to John Ball Zoo for a second summer starting on May 26 and will run until September 3, 2018.  

Realm of Flight is exciting live bird theatre and features 10 incredible bird performers who will showcase their distinct talents at this zoo summer series. 

Folks who attend will be treated to a story-telling parrot, a recycling raven, and even an eagle that will fly over your head.  

Added to the show this year will be an Eurasian Eagle Owl, a green-winged macaw, and an Abdim’s stork. 

The Realm of Flight bird show comes to the Zoo from the World Bird Sanctuary, known internationally as a first-class bird conservation organization. The WBS is dedicated to the propagation, rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of birds—especially birds of prey.  

“I hope guests take away a new appreciation for birds and how to help the environment,” says Realm of Flight supervisor, Kate Burkman. “A big point of our show is conservation and we want to make sure people know how easy it is for them to help the environment at home.” 

Realm of Flight is presented three times a day in the amphitheater in the Forest Realm (and close to the Amur tigers.). Tickets for this special show are just $2.00 with each paid general zoo admission. For more showtime info, please visit the zoo's website for performance dates/times.
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