Revolution/Evolution: To Cuba via East Hills

Opening Thursday, Aug. 21, 6 - 10 p.m.
In East Hills' Cherry Hill business district a new Revolution/Evolution is about to begin, and you might be surprised at what you discover.
OK, so Revolution/Evolution is not an in-the-streets event but an art exhibition of the photographic works of Cuban artist Roberto Salas (son of photographer Osvaldo Salas) and Ann Arbor-based photographer Jack Kenny.
This show contains many instantly recognizable iconic photos from the 1950s and '60s by Salas of Havana and the outlying regions. Salas' photos act as a documentary of the revolutionary time in Cuba where change was coming, but it also presents viewpoints not often seen in the U.S. newspapers.
For Kenny, the journey began much later and spans more than 50 visits to Cuba starting in 1996. His focus has been to harness the digital dominion on his site as he seeks to assist educators and students alike who wish to understand more about the people of Cuba from the street level. And one of Kenny's key roles is to aid in the ending of the embargo against Cuba, thus giving people a more honest look into the lives of Cubans.
All of the work from Revolution/Evolution will be presented in a rich black and white format, which helps to connect the two contrasting styles of these two photographers and brings two eras closer together.
According to Richard App, gallery owner and photographer, this body of work not only opens Cuba up to the West Michigan art audience in a beautiful and culturally rich exhibition that surveys many decades of this country's historical visual richness and its people, but it's also a chance for fans of the last century's predominant way of producing photographic works  – the silver emulsion process --to see many printed on paper. 

Artist Jack Kenny will be attending the Thursday opening reception.
Admission: Free
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