The 20th Annual Animation Show of Shows: Let's get animated in public (and in the dark)

Opening Friday, Jan. 18
January is a great time to visit the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and it is not just because of the art that adorns the walls.

This is the time of the year when they begin to welcome a series of programs like the 20th Anniversary of the Animation Show of Shows.

Locally, most of our experiences with this art form are via the popular long-form films that dot area movie screens, ranging from cute kids films to complete reboots of popular action hero series.

Instead, with The Animation Show of Shows, locals are treated to a thrilling and inventive showcase of 15 thought-provoking, poignant, and very funny animated shorts from around our planet.

Animation often jars us from the clinches of our reality and by doing so shakes a bit of our personal clutter, allowing us to focus on the themes that often only animation can communicate so beautifully. These shorts will rock your world and leave an impact on the viewer just as this ever-evolving film practice is doing on this art form.

The Animation Show of Shows runs from January 18 through February 7 and is a popular series, so consider purchasing pre-show tickets from UICA’s guest service desk starting at noon on each show day. Admission is $5 for members and $10 for non-members.
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