Sita Navas: Video gaming culture gets remixed with that distinct Mayan style

Saturday, Jan. 26, 5 - 7 p.m.
The city has no shortage of spaces for artists to showcase their works. One of the most reliable of venues over the history of contemporary art for creators to have their works seen has always been the local coffee shop.

On Saturday night, art lovers with a passion for remix culture and video game design will have a chance to meet artist Sita Navas at her reception at the popular Grandville Ave. coffee shop, Mayan Buzz Cafe.

The coffee shop already has a solid reputation for its bold, flavorful brews and will seek to build upon that reputation with an equally strong showcase when this Tucson, AZ artist arrives in Grand Rapids to present to our city her newest works on display at Mayan Buzz Cafe through February 2019.

Navas’ works are interesting in her treatment of the classic imagery of video game culture remixed through the lens of that distinct Mayan style of art. 

So if enjoy the thought of video game imagery appropriated-forward and then remixed with distinct popular brands like TMNT, Super Smash Bros, or The Legend of Zelda and Mayan culture, then this is the show for you. 

And lest you think this is some fad, then you have not been observing what has been popping up at artists markets all over the world, where more and more gaming culture imagery is being hung, enticing an entire generation of new art collectors raised on 8-Bit games and beyond who are starting to decorate their homes, lofts, or apartments. The future is here and it is colorful, rich, and most of all, a lot of fun.

To see a sample of Sita Navas' style, please visit her Etsy shop here
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