Slow Flow: All bodies welcome

Starting Thursday, Mar. 7, 7:30 p.m.
Over the years we, as a city, have watched yoga culture go from something obscure that you could only get from folks like Carolyn Heines at her then-tiny basement Eastown studio, to the complete saturation of these facilities in converted storefront shops in nearly every neighborhood now.

But what often keeps some folks from participating are the body issues that often can stop folks from taking their first steps in practicing this form of exercise and wellness. 

Lucky for us, Creston’s Flip Dog Yoga is offering a slow flow class that is centered on the welcoming all bodies regardless of one’s familiarity with yoga. 

Move your body with kindness is a series of Thursday night classes rooted in a body-positivity yoga class on the city’s north end.

Led by Any Body Yoga’s Emily Martin, Slow Flow seeks, according to their site “to create brave spaces for all bodies to practice radical self love through embodied movement.”

Martin takes time to help guide folks through this class, assisting folks to find poses that work best for them and always in a supportive and healthy non-judgmental atmosphere. 

So if you have been a bit shy (as I have been at my weight level) from walking into a local yoga class, then Slow Flow is for you regardless of your age, size, health, fitness level, ability, and any yoga experience … or not.

Drop-in class price is $15. but please consider registering in advance since this class does sell out. Complete series packages are available on Flip Dog Yoga’s website.

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