The Soil & The Sun: Meridian Appears

Ever find yourself in the company of others and notice, even after diving head-first into topics as expansive as mortality, the end of the world, love, selfishness, God, technology, and the fate of mankind, you find yourself wanting more?
Lucky for you, there is another chance to submerse yourself in such topics again -- this time delivered with such an incredibly rich and brilliant musical score that you might not ever want to leave the bar after The Soil & The Sun steps on to Founders Taproom stage for the release of their newest album, Meridian.
This new release not only features their distinct style of honest and vulnerably rich lyrics that has made the band one of our area's favorite acts, but it also proves the band has really sharpened their performances over the last few years.
Having spent a lot of time out on tour playing hundreds of shows, they have become a musically tighter band, but they also showcase a maturity from having been on the road together for so long. Meridian exudes an inviting brilliance that is the intentional result of the band's newfound confidence in the development of its music and lyrics.
"I think we're discovering the type of musicians we want to be, little by little," says Soil & The Sun's Alex McGrath, lead singer and guitarist. "We've become more comfortable with exploring new sonic territories, and this new album is definitely a result of that exploration."
The band spent three weeks at Chicago's Audiotree studio with engineer/producer Rick Fritz, who really pushed the band to open the layers of their sound. Having the chance to record out of town (and for such an extended period of time) is a luxury for any band, which, like Soil & The Sun, has recorded their earlier works in their home studios. 
Fans will have a chance to not only purchase Meridian at the Founders Taproom concert, but will be afforded the first opportunity to experience these new songs live in person with a room of old and new fans who have found community within their musical style and help make this act of our city's most beloved. Join the conversation in song for one night only at Founders Taproom.
Admission: $5

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