Soup: All you can slurp at one price, one time

Saturday, Mar. 21, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
In a bold first move to establish a wider audience with the fans of fresh food in our region, the Fulton Street Farmers Market, established in 1922, is trying something truly fresh and filling: Soup.
It is hard to believe there is still room for another four letter word that evokes such smiles as L-O-V-E does when we are in it, but Soup at the Fulton Street Farmers Market is doing just that this Saturday.
This all-you-can-eat affair will give our area restaurateurs, farmers, ranchers, herds-people, cheese-makers, bakers, and artisan tastemakers a chance to collaborate and showcase what is possible when fresh ingredients and a bit of time are poured into the art of creating this nutritious but ultimately delicious entrée.
The event is being hosted during a time that most do not think of visiting the market, even though they've been hosting Saturday winter market hours of 10 a.m.-1 p.m. since late last fall. The debut of Soup provides a chance for the market, whose most recent renovation was funded by community members, to provide space for building new relationships around a piping hot bowl while creating an opportunity to solicit membership into our city's oldest standing farmers' market.
For the low cost of $8 per adult or $5 per kid, you receive a compostable bowl, spoon, napkin, artisan bread, condiments, and, of course, all the soup you can eat. The beverages will be all non-alcoholic and are sold separately. If you are at a membership level of Friend of the Market or above, your cost is only $5. Those who join or renew their membership on Saturday get their soup for free.
Admission and details can be secured here.
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