Speed Read: All that Glitter Milk is really gold

Saturday, Dec. 13, 7 p.m.
In November, G-Sync profiled the big changes continuing to happen at the West Side's Glitter Milk Gallery via director Miranda Sharp's vision of what a modern gallery can be.
Moving into a new era of programming, Sharp presents the Speed Reading exhibition, which is about the written word by authors with connections to the Midwest.
Speed Reading is much more than the work of ten nationally renowned Michigan authors being paired with contemporary artists of our region. It is a chance to secure a very limited edition anthology of this unique collaboration at a great price.
Sharp brings into focus here at Glitter Milk the very real connection that the visual arts share with the written word of literary art. Under the gallery setting we get to see the artwork but also at this night's event, attendees will be seated in the gallery to listen to the readings of the visiting authors. It is a rare treat and one that you should not miss if you enjoy art or the written word's power to define place as exciting our imagination. 
Live readings begin at 8pm. The special anthology will feature 12 stories and will include the works of art created to represent them.
If inclined, be sure to bring your favorite vinyl. The gallery is hoping to spin local favorites throughout the night.
Admission: Free
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