West Michigan DJ & Electronic Music Summit & BassBin: Again with the EDM

Monday, May 11, Summit 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. / BassBin 9:30 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Each Memorial Day weekend, people from all over the world flock to Hart Plaza, located on the water in downtown Detroit, to attend Movement - one of the world's most eclectic music events devoted to the art of electronic music.
Over the years, DJs and arts leaders have sought to create meaningful collaborations between our two cities and while some have been successful, others have failed. Part of this failure is that we need to educate folks about what electronic dance music (EDM) is and how Detroit came to be the epicenter for so many of the faithful who enjoy this style of music. 
Making an attempt to fill this gap in our music education is Todd Ernst, veteran EDM and event promoter over the last 25 years in West Michigan. His latest project is the debut of the West Michigan DJ & Electronic Music Summit – an evening of panelists who all have impressive resumes for their work in the music industry.
Panelists at this debut event include Eliot Lipp of Old Tacoma Records (NYC), Chad Verwey of The Intersection Lounge (Grand Rapids), Golf Clap's Hugh Cleal (Country Club Disco, Detroit), SuperDre for Universal Music Group (Detroit),
Zach Bletz of Gettoblaster and Dirty Fabric (Grand Rapids), and Just Alexander of Layer Cake Presents (Kalamazoo).
Immediately after the event, guests are encouraged to migrate to Eastown's Billy's Lounge where SuperDre will be hosting another Official Movement pre-party at BassBin who welcomes Eliot Lipp to the stage for your enjoyment. But unlike the summit, this time you can do more than just listen as you dance your butt off preparing for the big holiday migration to Detroit so many embark on annually. 

Magnetic Magazine wrote of Lipp, "This guy knows how to build tension and suspense and break new ground without loosing sight of quality craftsmanship."

See you at cool school Monday. Night school has never this cool. Get here if you can.
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