Talim: Powers to Change (X3)

Sometimes the path to something new can be found within our city borders, and yet for others this story can only be unleashed after some travel. Talim – a new web series premiering at Wealthy Theatre - is the story of the latter as three friends go on a journey through India in search of greater meaning.
One of the filmmakers, Jonathan Kumar, describes Talim as "a film to awaken the senses and provide a mid-week boost of good storytelling and adventure." (Talim in Turkish means "to drill.")
The web series follows the stories of three other individuals in India: a headmaster who started a school at age nine; an astronaut who condensed 12 years of education into eight months; and a composer who stood outside the Prime Minister of India's home for three days until she paid for his piano lessons.
"These are stories of minds at work, discovered by three friends on a journey through India. They venture 5,000 miles through environments better known for corruption, seeking ideas that are country-changing," says Kumar, who is also the co-creator of Food Circles. "And yet, they carry with them a western notion of what makes a hero. These individuals may not be setting out to change the world, but may be doing so in the way they open our minds to dream."
There is an artists' reception to premiere the series' musical soundtrack immediately following the screening. Future episodes of Talim will be released in the fall via the film's webpage: facebook.com/talimfilm.

Admission: $5
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