Universal Design: A Framework for Action

It will take years for all of us to fully understand the impact DisArt Fest will have on our region, from the way we build new structures to how we navigate within our city. What DisArt has started is a community-wide engagement festival where all of us can have a chance to lend our voices in helping make this city and region the most accessible city in the world. 
Ok, so I might be a bit anxious to top a list that I think matters a bit more than the ones we typically end up on these days, but a critical part of this next stage of advances will only happen if we have a plan. Luckily, the study of human-centered design is a hot topic and while it is still on our minds post-DisArt Fest, this is a great time to gather together and discuss the next steps until DisArt Fest returns in 2017.
KCAD is committed to keeping this dialogue going and will be hosting a framework session where the design of places, things, information, and communications will be addressed with a panel of guest speakers who are working at the local level to create a brighter future for all of us
The discussion will look at the life-changing abilities we have here, the challenges to achieving these new strategies, and a chance to engage with leaders in their fields on the topic of inclusivity as it relates to human-centered design.
Panelist at this event include: Christopher Smit, PhD, Director of DisArt Festival; Laura Amenta, National Director of Rehabilitation, Trinity Home Health Services; Dave Bulkowski, Executive DIrector of Disability Advocates of Kent County; Michael Hyacinthe, Founder of Wimage and Fashion Has Heart; Erin Lacco, Occupational Therapist/Interior Designer; and Ryan Kilpatrick, AICP-Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Community Assistance.
Admission: Free
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