Vertigo Music Takeover Jam: A beloved local record store hits the neighborhood pub

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 9:00 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Rocky’s Bar and Grill, 633 Ottawa Ave. NW
We all have a lot of choices this Wednesday, Nov. 27 when our area bars and craft brewpubs entice folks to come out the night before Thanksgiving for the biggest bar night of the year. 

This annual tradition has only grown with time and provides area locals, as well as those traveling back home, an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family members in a comfortable urban setting. 

For those looking to step it up hoping to dance until 2 a.m. (before heading home to raid the refrigerator of the many holidays treats for our four-day thanksgiving break), then the Vertigo Music Takeover Jam should be your Wednesday night destination. 

Vertigo Music is not just the only downtown Grand Rapids record store, but its staff of various musical backgrounds and tastes are incredibly talented as well.  

This special dance party event will be an opportunity to hear Josh Breuer Bloom (Grand Rapids Soul Club), Brandon Hill (Starved Relations), and Joe Moon (Vinyl Fetish) take over the decks as they propel those who show up with a diverse night of musical dance styles from three of the areas most celebrated DJs on the scene today. 

And the best part of a good dance party with a packed tiny dance floor is that it's about the music at this hour of the day. So when you grow tired of the banter over beers and craft cocktails, then head to Rocky’s for a true North Monroe neighborhood experience in a bar that needs to be preserved in our city for future generations' enjoyment. 

Yes, while it is true, I am a huge fan of the unpretentious, chill atmosphere of Rocky’s tiny two-story bar, I believe all of these distinct watering holes in our city’s neighborhoods deserve to be enjoyed (and preserved) for what they are and offer us: a centering dose of pure neighborhood charm where community can still flourish and the freshest and emergent artistry of our community takes center stage often.

You have a lot of choices this year as the city continues to grow, but if you want to end your big night out with some great music and dancing, then the Vertigo Music Takeover Jam featuring three local, talented, and musically knowledgeable DJs (and employees of Vertigo Music) should be your destination.
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