Vote: For the nation, state, and, most of all, our community

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
On November 6, we, who are of voting age and registered, will have a chance to add our voice to the ballot box as the nation goes to vote in one of the most anticipated votes of my lifetime. With so much on the line in an ever-polarizing world, sane voices are needed at the polls more than ever.

And while Rapid Growth does not endorse candidates for partisan reasons, we do place a high value on participatory acts like voting and how they can make a difference in society. Voting is a way to lend one’s voice to the process of society’s evolution (or devolution depending on who you talk to).

If you would like to know where you can vote or what your ballot will look like this year, please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

Also, if you are (or know anyone) who is a student, we want to encourage you to accompany them or just point them in the direction of Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), who will be hosting on Thursday, Nov. 1, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. a Rock the Vote concert at the Linn Maxwell Keller Recital Hall (courtesy of GRCC’s Music Department).

This free to the public concert aimed at college students will welcome to the stage The Crane Wives with opening acts Ben Traverse and Kaitlyn Zittel.

This event is brought to us by the bipartisan groups the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and Lakeside House Shows — a new organization based out of Manistee, Michigan that focuses on music-related events to raise awareness and money for environmental and non-partisan issues. 

Studies have shown that students often want to participate in the process but often don’t. This event seeks to bridge the divide by providing knowledge for attendees about just how easy it is to vote this year. 
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