Eastown Food Garden Walking Tour: Roots Made for Walking

If you have ever wondered what a community garden could be, or what it would entail to begin one, then the Eastown Food Garden Walking Tour is your ultimate insider event.
Starting at the Eastown Neighborhood Associations office at 6 p.m., attendees will begin this 6th annual walking tour and visit 6-8 gardens on this just over a mile walk.
This walking tour will include gardening examples from the first timer to a final stop, where the host will share a taste from their local garden that has been farmed in the city over generations.  
On this tour the guide will be pointing out key trees along the way that have contributed positively to the Eastown neighborhood.
The event, which attracts typically between 10 – 35 people and will be over around 7:30 p.m., is just one of the many healthy community-building projects of Our Kitchen Table (OKT) -- an organization founded in 2003 committed to providing insight and education that results in a community's transformation, often through its focused group work programming. (In September OKT will offer a bike tour of their neighborhood community's key locations that exhibit the vision and core principals of its mission.)
OKT is a locally founded and managed grass-roots nonprofit that harnesses the power of social justice and service to community to empower others to join them in their mission.
Organizers remind people to pack water and to wear appropriate clothing; since it is August, the weather can be brutally hot or chilly as of late. Visit their website for complete details of their up-coming programming.
Admission: Free
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