Michigan Global Roots Music Festival: World Wide Flavor Station

Sunday, Mar. 1, 2 - 5 p.m.
As Grand Rapids attracts more and more attention from the outside, those on the inside know that our city has a vibrant and lively music community committed to expanding our musical landscape.
Michigan Global Roots Music Festival (MGRMF) is committed to the showcasing of local world music. The festival returns to downtown's One Trick Pony for an afternoon of amazing grooves to start your winter thaw on March 1 right. With a focus on the family aspects of this music (i.e. lyrically smart for families worried about language use), MGRMF presents traditional world folk music married to a dance and dramatic movement presentation.
"MGRMF came about from a conversation between Carolyn Koebel of An Dro and Dunuya, and members of Wisaal," says MGRMF co-founder Josh Dunigan of Cabildo and Afro Zuma.
This year, the festival is being hosted across three venues in our state known for supporting the community they serve: The Avenue in Lansing, Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, and One Trick Pony in Grand Rapids. Dunigan hopes that those in our state close to these venues will not miss this opportunity to experience global music and dance at these great hometown locales.
This year's event at One Trick Pony will feature An Dro (Celtic-world/with the Bhraonáin school of Irish dance); Wisaal (Arabic-fusion/with Sarah & Erik of Boheme Tribal Belly Dance); Villalobos (featuring members of Cabildo); & West African Drum & Dance.
Admission: All ages show: $5/adults; $15/ family
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