Yassou!: Roots Worth Eating (and Dancing)

Friday - Sunday, Aug. 22-24, see event link for times
Who could have predicted that the best new local event launched in 2010 would have been Yassou! - our city's premier Greek festival on Grand Rapids' east side.
And when the food, music, and dancing is this good, it is easy for a cultural attaché to get really emotional at such a wonderful display of a culture that seems to always find more room for … well, more.
And more is what you get when you attend Yassou!, where traditionally outfitted folks offer to those who visit a hearty taste of their culture in this heritage celebration.

The food reflects the handmade goodness of Greek cooking with dolmathes, moussaka, and kantaifi flowing endlessly out of the make-shift kitchens at this outdoor event. Over the course of three days, you can swing by to listen to the authentic music of Greece, and enjoy dancing -- all while noshing on a menu that literally will take three days to eat through.
But don’t wait too long to get there. The Greeks clearly know they are on to something; as the crowds grow in size more and more each year, organizers warn not to wait too long to arrive since “all food items and tavern items to be served based on availability.”
These entrees take time to prepare and marinate, so if you think Greek food is like slapping burgers and franks on the grill, have they got a slice of heaven waiting at Yassou! It's so much more than just delicious! It's a Yassou! handcrafted just for you!
Admission: Free

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