Zoo Goes Boo: Westside is the best side and now with six days of trick-or-treating!

Opening Friday, Oct. 18 (through Oct. 27)
John Ball Zoo, 1300 Fulton W
What is better than the opportunity to go trick-or-treating this Halloween? Well, if your costumed self lands at John Ball Zoo starting on Friday, October 18, you can potentially engage in six days of this fun activity. 

When Zoo Goes Boo, sponsored by Meijer, arrives back at John Ball Zoo, fans of this popular Halloween-themed event will have a chance to go trick-or-treating, view a stunning array of costumes, enjoy fresh entertainment, marvel at all the cool zoo decorations, and participate in lots of smile-inducing games.

The cost of admission to this annual event is $12.00/adults and $10.00/children, college students, and seniors. John Ball Zoo members attend for free (as do children 1-year-old or younger).

If you plan to attend, the zoo asks that in order to make this event a bit more earth-friendly, to please bring your own bag for trick-or-treating. If you forget, no worries, as the zoo gift shop has some that you can purchase. 

Reminder: those Halloween tricksters exiting with uncharacteristically large treat bags (i.e. the size of, say, a tiger or monkey) will have their Halloween sacks searched at the gate to ensure no animals leave the park ;-).
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