39th Annual Homecoming of the Three Fires Traditional Pow Wow

Saturday & Sunday, June 9 - 10
With the mighty Grand River in sight, the 39th Annual Homecoming of the Three Fires Traditional Pow Wow returns to Grand Rapids Riverside Park, offering an opportunity to experience and learn about the rich, cultural heritage of our first people's lives.

And while you will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and query folks about the meaning and cultural impact of our local Pow Wow, nothing is more visually compelling visually than watching the awesome pageantry of the Grand Entry. 

During this portion of the program, an Eagle Staff guides the Grand Entry, which is leads to the presentation of flags, dancers, as well as drumming. 

This year’s Pow Wow will once again feature three Grand Entries with two on Saturday ( 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.) and one on Sunday (noon).

In addition, the Three Fires Traditional Pow Wow booths provide space where folks can grab a bite to eat or purchase something from an approved Native American vendor.

If you have missed this riverside Pow Wow in the past and had hoped to attend, please set aside time this weekend to learn just a bit more of the history of this place from the people who have been telling our region’s story long before most arrived here.  

Pow Wow organizers remind Rapid Growth readers that this is a strict drug- and alcohol-free event, so arrive sober please. They also ask that you do not bring your dog(s) to the event and under no circumstances should you leave them in the car. Service dogs are always welcome at the annual Homecoming of the Three Fires Traditional Pow Wow.
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