"Relaxer": A new indie film classic is born here

Opening Friday, Mar. 22 (through Apr. 11)
I know we sound like a broken record, but there is something unique in West Michigan where access and connections can easily produce collaborations in the pursuit of one’s creative dreams.

Now as a preface, if fame and fortune is your career tracks focus, then, yeah, L.A. or New York will have advantages we cannot even touch. But if you want to find a place where people actually help each other out in the pursuit of a creative project, then this is where it can happen.

Filmmaking is one creative area locally that continues to evolve through the ease of access to digital tools, as well as access to space — a growing problem for artists in nearly every major city — and on Friday, March 22, one of the darlings of modern independent cinema, director Joel Potrykus, will be debuting his latest release, “Relaxer,” for our locals. 

This Sob Noisse Movies production, lensed in Belmont, MI and released through Oscilloscope Laboratories, is the story of a man’s obsession in the midst of an impending Y2K apocalypse fast approaching. 

It stars Potrykus’ muse Joshua Burge as Abbie, whose drive is to conquer the ultimate challenge of the unbeatable level 256 on Pac-Man, a goal that keeps him on the couch until he has been victorious.

I attended a family and friends viewing last year and can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is one of my favorites within the canon of films that Potrykus has released.

And an added bonus is that if you enjoy Burge in his other Potrykus' directed roles, then get ready for him in "Relaxer" as it is our favorite local screen actor at the height of his craft. (Burge recently, after years in West Michigan, sold his home to relocate to L.A. so that this next level of his career will have a chance to lift off.) 

Relaxer,” a comedy/fantasy, will be screening at UICA until April 11. Do not miss this modern indie American classic as you will be amazed at the performances of many faces, as well as crew members, from our region who helped create this fantastic film.
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