Multi-cultural niches the focus of new branding consultant

According to Jonathan Mikulich, the founder of Latino Branding Power, the way many organizations attempt to diversify their marketing efforts into  the Latino communities is to take what they they currently do, and then translate it into Spanish.

The reality, Mikulich says, is much more complex. "The Latino communities are very, very segmented," he says. He cites differences by country, culture and amount of time spent in the U.S. as examples of distinct differences that need specific strategies.

Helping businesses and nonprofits understand these differences and assisting in the creation of campaigns that will resonate in the Latino communities is at the core of Mikulich's new consulting service. "I position myself as a conduit between the Latino demographic and the company," he says.

Mikulich's inspiration and insights into the Latino cultures come from his work background, family experiences, community service and travel. Besides having over 20 years working in design, branding, marketing and communications, Mikulich spent significant time traveling and studying Latin culture and business. "I spent a six-month sabbatical in central Mexico, working with some marketing professionals, and also was able to connect with my mother's family. I also spent two months living in Puerto Rico, where my wife was born"."

Mikulich has already worked with a handful of small businesses and organizations, both locally and outside of Michigan, and continues to be involved with several community initiatives such as the Keller Futures Center Resiliency of Latino Youth Program.  

To learn more about Latino Branding Power, you can visit the website here.

Source: Jonathan Mikulich, LatinoBrandingPower
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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