Iserv doubles sales staff, offers 24/7 customer service

The Iserv Company, LLC (Iserv), an independent Internet service provider located in Grand Rapids, has recently doubled its sales staff and has plans to add more jobs to West Michigan. The new hires come less than 10 months after its purchase by 382 Communications, a Quincy, Mass.-based company. 

Richard Koch, a director of 382 Communications, says the sales team is now at 10 individuals, and the hiring will continue with a focus on technical staff. "The main reason is that we added more services, such as voice and a lot of wireless services. As we add more sales staff and more services, everything else follows," he says.

Besides the new sales staff, the firm has also extended its call center to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Koch says there have been no surprises since the acquisition, and job growth is as expected. "We are reinvesting  everything back into Iserv and West Michigan," he says. 

To learn more about Iserv, including employment opportunities, you can view their website here.

Source: Richard Koch, Iserv
Writer, John Rumery, Jobs and Innovation News Editor
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