Non-traditional marketing firm grows virtual team

Kim Bode, owner of 834 Designs and Marketing, describes her approach to business, growth and serving clients as both "non-traditional" and "innovative."

Bode, along with a team of interns, works out of an office on the west side of Grand Rapids and leads a virtual team of 15 members, each with a unique expertise and niche.  

Although none of the 15 members of Bode's networks are employees of 834 Designs, the  majority are able to be full-time, self-employed professionals because of this collaborative arrangement. Working in the virtual alliance helps keep the projects flowing on a regular basis and the overhead low. 

"Our network can provide clients with a variety of services ranging from search engine optimization to copywriting to design. Our target market is small businesses and nonprofits that typically can't afford to hire an agency," explains Bode.

From a client's perspective, working with Bode's virtual team is no different than dealing with an agency. "As far as the customer is concerned, they are dealing with one company."

To learn more about 834 Designs and Marketing and the virtual team members, you can visit their site here.

Source: Kim Bode, 834 Designs and Marketing
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Job News Editor
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