Business intelligence software firm in downtown Grand Rapids makes schools smarter

Eidex is one of the latest high-tech firms making its home in downtown Grand Rapids.

The company, which was founded by Doug LaFleur, PhD, has developed a business intelligence software tool that crunches thousands of academic and financial data points to create a series of customized digital reports, enabling school administrators to identify opportunities for improvement that benefit students and the districts. "There needs to be strong innovation in education. By bringing data analytics to school districts, we are helping administrators identify where they are doing well and understand where they need to improve," says LaFleur.

LaFleur says their data can help school districts be much more strategic in their decision-making, identify cost savings, and better communicate program needs to stakeholders in the community: "We are a service business wrapped around a software application."

LeFleur also cites their firm's customer-centric approach as being an important part of their service delivery. "Core to our philosophy is partnering with our clients. A good deal of the tool's current features have resulted from suggestions made to us by our clients," he says. "We listen, and build what they need."

Eidex is also part of Start Garden's portfolio, having been funded at the $50,000 level. CEO Jack Gunn says the investment has been significant: "Start Garden's involvement has been extremely beneficial. Not only in terms of funding but helping with strategy and the opportunity to be a part of the ecosystem they are building."

Currently Eidex has over 70 school district subscribers in Michigan, which all pay an annual fee for the service. Eidex also has been in a hiring mode for over the past year.  "We have grown from a team of three to 14 in less than a year and we're still hiring. We're looking for developers to meet the needs of our clients."  says Gunn.

As is the case in the local tech sector, recruitment of top talent is very competitive but Gunn says Eidex has plenty to offer to developers beyond the typical pay and benefit packages, including "making a positive contribution in education, working with state-of-the-art technology, and having fun in a relaxed, collaborative environment."

To learn more about Eidex, you can visit their site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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