The future is looking green for many area grads

Not only is the future bright for many 2015 graduates, it also is more green, thanks to Greener Grads, a local business that is on a mission from Mother Earth as it recovers, reuses and repurposes graduation gowns.

The Greener Grads story was detailed here last year. Since that time, the company has added Western Michigan University, Hope College and several other high schools and colleges. It now has a presence in 22 states with 100 organizations using their services.

The "green" appeal for students at GRPS City High is pretty simple. Kathy VandeGevel, environment club advisor at City High, says the question about whether to use Greener Grads was not "should we?" but rather "why wouldn't we?"

On top of the positive experience, VandeGevel explains it is also a perfect philosophical fit with City High. "We are a school based on the Wege Foundation's philosophy of Economicology," she says. "This concept is Economicology in action." She says the recent graduating class was the first group to follow the environmental and business principles since 7th grade. She says the juniors at City High are already planning to follow the footsteps of the class of the 2015.

According to Greener Grads, since inception the initiative has been able to divert approximately 12,000 pounds of polyester from being placed in the nation’s landfills. A goal of 50,000 pounds has been set for the end of this spring’s graduation season.

For more information about Greener Grads or to participate in the movement, please visit
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