Alternative Energy

Development News St James Solar

St. James Apartments find a place in the sun

Development News WMSBF

WMSBF facility tours spotlight local strides towards circular economy

Development News biodigester.png

Biodigesting beer wastes brings City closer to renewable energy goals

German-made anaerobic digester to debut in Lowell; manure, food waste to become renewable energy

Creating shared community solar energy systems -- workshops offered at Muskegon's MAREC

Feature Story Paul Haan is on a mission to save people from lead paint.

Home Health to Public Health

Moms Clean Air Force fights for fresh air

Feature Story Eden Interrupted.

G-Sync: A Future Powered By You (Act Now)

Feature Story Mayor Heartwell

The Greening of Grand Rapids

Proposed $4M biodigester to convert cow manure, restaurant grease to power for Lowell Light & Power

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Who Wants To Build An Electric Car?

Planets align for Earth Day