Staffing firm announces 44% increase in revenue

EG Managed Services (EGMS), a division of EmploymentGroup has announced a 44% increase in revenue for the first quarter compared to the same period in 2010, and a 37% growth in sales over the fourth quarter of last year.

Mark Lancaster, CEO of EmploymentGroup, indicated that although the Michigan economy is more diversified, the resurgence of the auto industry has been a big factor in his firm's success. "When the economy picks up, temporaries are picked up first," he says.

Lancaster also credits their "secret sauce," a proprietary, 12-step screening process that leads to measurably better employees, as being a key factor in their growth. He also states that not only does their screening process help differentiate their firm's services, it can also provide a temporary an opportunity to be picked up fulltime by an employer as their screening is really about matching an individual to the right organization, more than matching a skill to the job.

For individuals looking for employment opportunities through a staffing organization, Lancaster breaks it down in simple terms. "Want-a-vation," he says. "Basically show up and show up on time. Dress appropriately and bring a great attitude. We will train."

To find out more about EmploymentGroup, please visit their website here, or to learn about EG Managed Services, visit here.

Source: Mark Lancaster, Employment Group
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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