Up, up and away: Mighty in the Midwest is on the move

Mighty in the Midwest is a Grand Rapids-based web and mobile design and development company. It values organizational culture, collaboration, craftsmanship and its clients. It works on cool projects and it's growing. What's not to like?

Cliff Wegner, founder and CEO, says the firm  has been on a steady diet of growth since it was founded in 2007 with one employee, a 300-square-foot office and a focus solely on web development. "We have grown in staff and services," Wegner says. "We started with only web development and now provide content strategy, project management, and full-service web and mobile design and development. We've doubled in size in the past year, 33% since January, and are moving into a new space three times our current size this summer (Trade Center, 50 Louis)."

Wegner credits his organization's culture as key factor in Mighty's growth: "We have great work and great clients. We are focused on working with clients for the long term. The majority of our clients have been with us for 3-6 years. We have a team that works with that client so there is a sense of personal ownership."  

Besides encouraging a culture that emphasizes long-term relationships, Wegner says the firm's consistently thoughtful approach to work is another significant part of its success. "We have a group that appreciates the details. It requires a level of humility," he says. "How can I get help? Can we work on this together? We really care about work and craftsmanship."

Current projects for Mighty include a complete, strategic redesign of Hope College's website, ongoing work with Start Garden, and their almost three-year relationship with ArtPrize, where Mighty is responsible for the digital and mobile experience.

While there are no immediate job openings, Wegner says he expects to be hiring again soon, anticipating a sales position to be open in the summer. "We hire very, very slowly," he says. "Meaning, we hire if and only when we really need to, which is why we have very, very little turnover."

To learn more about Mighty in the Midwest, you can visit their website here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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