Agile development drives a new product launch to be featured at NeoCon 2011

Listening closely to what their customers were saying has paid dividends for the Grand Rapids-based office of 20-20 Technologies.   

After 18 months of development, the company will showcase its new product, 20-20 Visual Impression, at the NeoCon show in Chicago June 13-15.

According to Cindy Maples, product manager, 20-20 Visual Impression will "bring 2-D pictures to life" by allowing dealers to showcase a high quality rendered picture of what their products would look like in an office setting.

"The problem was that everyone wanted to see what the products would like during development," Maples says. "Customers were buying external 3D rendering software programs which were expensive, time consuming and cumbersome for users."

Besides a better user experience, their new product serves as a companion tool for existing programs used within the office furniture industry during the development process.

Maples is proud of the agile development process they used during product development.

20-20 Visual Impression is created on a 'voice of the customer study' and other end-user feedback, including previewing the technology at NeoCon in 2010.  

The Grand Rapids office of 20-20 Technologies was founded more than 20 years ago as CAP (Computer Aided Planning) and now has 45 individuals employed.

This year, the Grand Rapids office has hired several individuals in technical support, sales, IT and accounting and has plans to add additional hires including R&D (software developers).

To learn more about 20-20 Technologies, you can visit their website here or visit them at NeoCon.

Source: Cindy Maples, 20-20 Technologies
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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