Free and fast wireless at Rosa Parks Circle

The Iserv Company has launched a community wi-fi hotspot in Grand Rapids. The signal provide the Rosa Parks Circle area of downtown with free wi-fi access available under the name "1 Free WiFi Iserv".

According to Jim Palmisano, COO, the decision to provide this service was the result of their positive experience with ArtPrize in 2012, during with the firm set up several hotspots.

"We knew the users where out there. At one point, 10,000 people were connected to our service," Palmisano says. "After ArtPrize, we decided to engineer a longer term solution to free wireless and we chose Rosa Parks Circle, which had the heaviest usage."

Palmisano says the hot spots feature completely free, high-speed connections. "We have no hoops for people to jump through -- just an acceptance button. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of free wi-fi, which can be slow."

Palmisano says their rollout of free wireless is not done yet. Several other locations are in the works and "we are always looking for other areas. (Iserv is) always open for suggestions. If you are thinking, 'I wish there was wireless here,' let us know where 'here' is."

To learn more about Iserv, you can visit their site here.

Source: Jim Palmisano, Iserv
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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