Atomic Object's new software group offers alternative career path

Who creates products that are all around, but no one sees?

No, it's not a riddle. But it is the reality of the work done by embedded software developers, a specialty career that has a local champion in Atomic Object (AO).

AO's Carl Erickson explains that companies with software needs typically have two choices: hire someone on staff or employ a contractor from a staffing firm. Both options have pros and cons for the company as well as the developer.
Sensing an opportunity to eliminate many of the "cons" associated with those two options, AO created an embedded software group within their firm that provides value to both the client and the developer.

From a client's perspective, Erickson explains, they get a long-term relationship with a talented, well-rounded developer "embedded" onsite who brings "AO's reputation, technical expertise (especially in agile software practices) and training experience" to the client.

For developers, they receive all the personnel benefits and training of being an AO employee along with a career path that is different from a typical software developer.

Scott Miller, VP of the embedded group at AO, feels that biggest difference between their embedded developers and a contractor from a staffing agency is the strength of the AO culture that the individual brings into a company. "Our embedded software engineer not only has an expertise in agile development, but is very well-rounded and is invested in seeing that a product is finished and implemented," Miller says.

Miller also explains that the infusion of an outside perspective from an innovative development culture like AO can oftentimes help their clients' existing teams achieve better results.

To learn more about the role of embedded developers, AO has a series of blogs that can be accessed through their site here.

Source: Carl Erickson and Scott Miller, Atomic Object
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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