Luxury carpet manufacturer expands operations with purchase of Texas-based Hokanson Carpets

The Grand Rapids luxury carpet manufacturer Scott Group Custom Carpets is expanding operations from private aviation and architectural design markets to include the residential design sector after its recent acquisition of Texas-based Hokanson Carpets.

With six existing showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Dallas, Scott Group’s recent purchase of Hokanson also allows for a newly established presence of its brand in Houston and Boston and will create an immediate need for 18 more jobs to support the transition. 

Although President and CEO Michael Ruggeri says those 18 jobs won’t all be located in Grand Rapids, he anticipates the creation of 20 more jobs at the Grand Rapids manufacturing plant and dye-house at 3232 Kraft Avenue SE to support the production of a wider variety in products as a results of the acquisition. 

“The product fit is very good because Hokanson tends to be more decorative or detail-oriented with their patterns and they also provide various products like Tibetan carpets that we don't produce here in Grand Rapids,” Ruggeri says, adding that Scott Group’s aesthetic leans toward a more contemporary design, so he expects demand for a wider variety of products to translate into more jobs. 

“We’re going to be producing all of those products here in Grand Rapids, which adds certainly jobs on the factory floor and in our dye-house operation, as well as our design department and customer service areas,” he says. 

Scott Group was founded in 1969, but moved to Grand Rapids in 1982 and produces luxury carpets and rugs for private aircraft, luxury yachts, high-end residential homes, commercial venues and the hospitality industry. Over 200 people work in Scott Group’s Grand Rapids headquarters and showrooms in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Written by Anya Zentmeyer
Images courtesy of Scott Group Custom Carpets 
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