New university offers degrees for dogs and their owners

Not content to be just a place to pamper and kennel pets, Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa is now an academic destination for a dog and its owner to go to school at Whiskers University.

According to Rebecca Valiska, operations manager at Whiskers, the university opened in July and has surpassed expectations. She says the facility will soon be adding more trainers to keep up with demand. The school, located in a separate facility from the resort, offers the dog and pet owner degrees ranging from an "associate" to a "Ph.D" as well as a wide variety of training options.

The entire Whiskers operation employs 45 total. It was founded by Melissa Verplank five years ago after she was dissatisfied with the existing options to kennel her dogs. The staff is now in the process of planning for an expansion of the original resort and spa. "We are going to build a huge indoor play area for the dogs in about two years," she says. 

Valiska says that the resort is unique in the region. "We service cats and dogs. We are a high touch facility. We can keep the same schedule as home and our rooms are more comfortable than a typical kennel. There is constant cuddling, play time, and exercise. It is all very exclusive." The spa part of their organization is open to all pets, including rabbits and almost any pet that would require special grooming.

Valiska says applying for work at the facility requires more than being an animal lover. "You have to really love animals, but also have a solid work ethic." She explains that with all the play and animal cuddling comes a great deal of clean up.

To learn more about Whiskers' services, you can read it here. To learn more about Whiskers University, you can click here.

Source: Rebecca Aliska, Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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