Innovation + Job News

Innovation Newswomen

Writing our Her-story: The womxn shaping our city

Development NewsDNespresso

Espresso bar or comfy couch?: How a coffee shop's design reflects its clientele

Innovation NewsAJ

3 women in design you should get to know

Development NewsDNkdlKellogg2

Check it out: Kelloggsville High School brings new library home to students and neighbors

Innovation NewsBrandy Arnold

Young Professional Spotlight: Brandy Arnold

Development NewsDNmazzo

The Atrium at Mazzo: Ledyard Building accommodates Uccello Hospitality Group event venue

Innovation NewsINlittlewings

Startup Spotlight: Parliament the Boutique

Development NewsDNhousingnow

Housing NOW! recommendations draw community concern

Innovation Newsjobs

New year, new job: The winter jobs roundup

Development NewsDNhg1

New Mental Health Foundation HQ lends more visibility to nonprofit mission

Innovation Newswork

Where to work it in a West Michigan Winter

Construction on new Michigan Mile 44-unit Midtown CityZen

culturedGR: Closing the gap in arts coverage

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