Grand Rapids' Axios adds human resource positions, places 1,500 in permanent West Michigan jobs

Grand Rapids-based Axios, Inc. says that not only are companies across West Michigan hiring, but Axios itself has created at least seven new full-time positions in the past 12 months and looks to create even more in 2012.

Axios, a human resources and temporary staffing company with 40 employees, added two full-time human resources consultants, two management positions and three full-time sales people in 2011 to help the company handle the growth in its temporary placement divisions, says VP of Sales Shannon Burkel. She says the company could add another three or four positions in early 2012, if the growth trend continues.

In addition, Burkel says that in 2011, Axios helped some 1,500 of its nearly 5,000 temporary-placement workers turn those placements into permanent positions.

"West Michigan companies are doing well, but they want to make sure they truly need the people before adding them full time," Burkel says. "Working with a staffing firm helps companies eliminate some of the risk. I think people are appreciating [the value of] local more than they were before; instead of using a national staffing firm, they partner with us to keep the payroll dollars here."

Of the new jobs added, Burkel says Axios still looks to fill one HR consultant position, which has a base pay range of $30,000 to $36,000. Also, persons looking for temporary office or manufacturing jobs can contact Axios for more information.

Source: Shannon Burkel, Axios
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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