Consumers Credit Union expects to fill 40 jobs in West, Southwest Michigan this year

Kalamazoo-based Consumers Credit Union hired 10 new employees last week and expects to add another 30 before year's end. The jobs are in response to the addition of an expanded mortgage loan service, a new business assistance department and the construction of two new branch offices in Mattawan and on Portage Road near I-94.

Besides the Kalamazoo offices, Consumers Credit Union has branches in Holland, South Haven, Coldwater, Lawton and Portage and employs 162.

"We've averaged 18 percent growth in assets and deposits over the last 25 years," says CEO Kit Snyder. "We've never had a goal to grow that much, but this year we've set an asset goal of 9 percent growth and a deposit growth of 12 percent."

The growth initiatives include expanding mortgage services, which Snyder says handled $50 million in residential loans last year, to include offering mortgage loans for non-members, says Snyder. He also expects to add some 8,000 new members in 2012, which would bring total membership to about 53,000.

To handle that growth, the company has hired its first VP of human resources, created a chief marketing officer position, plus added seven jobs in a new operations department, two risk management/auditor positions and four positions in the phone center. Snyder says the company is recruiting now for a high-level position in the new business services department.

Future jobs, such as, loan officer and compliance officer positions, member service representatives, tellers and an accountant position, are all tethered to the opening the two new branches in June.

"It looks like we'll hire 10 people each quarter," Snyder says. "Some will be replacements, but some will be for new positions. We're about having the right team, and if you don't fit, let us get you in a department where you will fit."

Source: Kit Snyder, Consumers Credit Union
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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